Essays etc.

Jim Kacian: Tapping the Common Well

Johannes S. H. Bjerg: Interview with Grant Hackett (originally published in Multiverses 2012)

Brendan Slater: Algorithmic Ku: Monkeys with Typewriters


Bones has decided to open up for hosting small book of haiku as ebooks (pdf). This is done to help make available collections/projects that are in line with the editorial profile of the haiku journal; works that might be elsewhere on the web as well but deserve a wider audience. Hopefully these books/projects will serve as inspiration and be of interest for readers and writers of haiku,

Submission: We accept submissions for this ”corner” of Bones at any time; i.e. the submission dates for the journal doesn't apply here. If you have a small book/project of haiku you would like to share here you may submit to submission[at]bonesjournal[dot].com. The book can have a maximum of haiku at around 30.


  • haiku/haiku projects of the "style/genre/kind" the journal brings
  • Max around 30 poems
John Martone: (blinded)
Chris Gordon: the crow
Johannes S. H. Bjerg: 23.40
Joann Grisetti - The Cutter
Jim Kacian - dead reckoning
Jim Kacian - Orbis tertius
Jim Kacian - Palimpsest
Jim Kacian - A Primer of Organic Form
Mike Andrelczyk - The Celesta Made of Water
Cherie Hunter Day - sting medicine
Kala Ramesh, Marlene Mountain - one-line twos
Johnny Baranski - Beads of Glass
Marcus Liljedahl - War Zone
Nathan Hassall - dregsongs from blab cartilage
Mike Andrelczyk - The Stolen Pineapple Earthquake
Michael O'Brien - Big Nothing
Elmedin Kadric - contest
John McManus - after the rain
Jacob Salzer - a steady beam of light