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Jim Kacian: Tapping the Common Well

Johannes S. H. Bjerg: Interview with Grant Hackett (originally published in Multiverses 2012)


Bones has decided to open up for hosting small book of haiku as ebooks (pdf). This is done to help make available collections/projects that are in line with the editorial profile of the haiku journal; works that might be elsewhere on the web as well but deserve a wider audience. Hopefully these books/projects will serve as inspiration and be of interest for readers and writers of haiku,

Submission: We accept submissions for this ”corner” of Bones at any time; i.e. the submission dates for the journal doesn't apply here. If you have a small book/project of haiku you would like to share here you may submit to submission[at]bonesjournal[dot].com. The book can have a maximum of haiku at around 30.


  • haiku/haiku projects of the "style/genre/kind" the journal brings
  • Max around 30 poems
John Martone: (blinded)
Chris Gordon: the crow
Johannes S. H. Bjerg: 23.40
Joann Grisetti - The Cutter
Jim Kacian - dead reckoning
Jim Kacian - Orbis tertius
Jim Kacian - Palimpsest
Jim Kacian - A Primer of Organic Form
Mike Andrelczyk - The Celesta Made of Water
Cherie Hunter Day - sting medicine
Kala Ramesh, Marlene Mountain - one-line twos
Johnny Baranski - Beads of Glass
Marcus Liljedahl - War Zone
Nathan Hassall - dregsongs from blab cartilage
Mike Andrelczyk - The Stolen Pineapple Earthquake
Michael O'Brien - Big Nothing
Elmedin Kadric - contest
John McManus - after the rain
Jacob Salzer - a steady beam of light
Dave Read - Between Satellites
Gabriel Rosenstick - The Crows of Kilfinane
Michael O'Brien & Johannes S. H. Bjerg - between breaths five owls
Alegria Imperial - we do not bleed like nightingales wen felled singing
Alan Summers - Forbidden Syllables
Gabriel Rosenstock - Is mé Ióna/I am Jonah
Peter Jastermsky - Failed States
Michael Dylan Welch - Eyeball Kick
Michael O'Brien & Johannes S. H. Bjerg - walrus sowing
Michael Dylan Welch - Retina Splash
Alegria Imperial - word/s all I see in limbo
George Swede - Endangered Metaphors
Michael Dylan Welch - Vitreous Humor
Diana Webb - Repertoire
Michael O'Brien & Johannes S. H. Bjerg: Cherry-Cha-Cha: the Art of Mole Poetics

A presentation video made by Michael O'Brien here

Angelo NGE Colella - Microdreaming
Joseph Salvatore Aversano - a gull sea